/  Regulations
  1. General provisions

1.1. These Regulations apply to the provision of services by Apartgdynia limited liability company, headquarters: Gdynia, address: ul. Hutnicza 1 A, 81-212 Gdynia, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000773569, NIP: 9581699092 and REGON: 382645040, with a share capital of PLN 5,000.00 (“Aparthotel”), defines the rules of liability of the Aparthotel and Guests as well as order regulations regarding the use of the facility.

1.2. At the time of concluding the contract for the provision of hotel services, i.e. when signing the registration card, as well as at the time of booking, the Guest declares that he has read and accepts the terms of these Regulations and the Privacy Policy.

1.3. The Regulations and the Privacy Policy are available on the website at biuro@apartgdynia.pl and at the reception desk of the aparthotel.

1.4. Definitions:

1.4.1. Hotel day – a day that begins at 1500 on the day of arrival at the aparthotel and ends at 1100 on the day of departure from the aparthotel.

1.4.2. Guest – the person with whom the Aparthotel concluded the Agreement.

1.4.3. Agreement – Agreement for the provision of hotel services concluded with the Guest.

1.5. If the Guest has not specified the length of stay, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.


  1. Reservations

2.1. Reservations can be made online, by phone or in person.

2.2. The reservation is a guaranteed reservation if an advance payment of 30% of the reservation value has been made within […] from the date of reservation.

2.3. If the guaranteed room is not canceled one day before the planned arrival at the Aparthotel or if the Guest does not arrive at the Aparthotel at the scheduled time, the advance payment will not be refunded.


  1. Accommodation and conditions of stay

3.1. The basis for check-in is to show the Aparthotel employee a photo ID and sign the registration card.

3.2. If the Guest resigns from the stay during the hotel day, the Aparthotel does not refund the fee for the given hotel day.

3.3. The guest cannot transfer the room to other people. This does not apply to people who checked into the room at the time of concluding the contract.

3.4. People who are not checked in can stay in the room from 7.00 to 22.00.

3.5. The curfew is valid from 22:00 to 7:00.

3.6. Animals cannot be kept on the premises.

3.7. The property is non-smoking. The designated areas for smoking are outdoor areas.

3.8. Guests are not allowed to make changes to the rooms without the prior express consent of the Aparthotel.

3.9. The behavior of guests and people using hotel services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests of the facility. In the event of a breach of this rule, the Aparthotel may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect after unsuccessful summons to refrain from such action.

3.10. In the case of leaving personal belongings by the Guest, it is possible to send them back at their expense. The Aparthotel will store the above items (except for perishable items) for a period of 1 month.


  1. Services

4.1. Cleaning the room and carrying out the necessary repairs of the devices takes place during the Guest’s absence, and in his presence only if he wishes to do so.

4.2. The hotel provides additional, paid services specified in the Price List, available in the room and at the reception.

4.3. The Aparthotel provides additional, free of charge services in the form of: a lounge.

4.4. Additional payments resulting from the provision of paid Services are settled by the Guest within the time limit set by the Aparthotel, no later than on the day of departure.


  1. Responsibility

5.1. The guest should notify the reception about the damage immediately after its discovery.

5.2. The Guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction in the facility, caused by the Guest’s activity or visitors.

5.3. The Aparthotel is not liable for the theft of money, theft and damage to securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value, if these items have not been reported and deposited.

5.4. The Aparthotel may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly violated the provisions of these Regulations during their previous stay.

5.5. Leaving a motor vehicle and live animals on the premises of the facility does not mean that a storage agreement has been concluded between the Guest and the Aparthotel.

5.6. Children under the age of 15 can stay on the premises only under the care of their parents or other legal guardians.


  1. Final provisions

6.1. These Regulations are valid from 01/11/2020.

6.2. The current price list of services and fees is available at the reception of the Aparthotel.

6.3. All complaints regarding the stay should be submitted to the e-mail address: biuro@apartgdynia.pl